Our traditional industries and our new industries are not two separate worlds. Our bioscience sector is creating innovative, competitive value chains extending from the fields, forests and seas to highly-sophisticated food and health products.

Hon. Robert Ghiz
Premier of Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island BioAlliance was incorporated in 2005 and launched an initial five-year strategy to accelerate the growth of PEI's bioscience sector by building the economy & setting the pace for the next generation.  

Since that time, the BioAlliance has coordinated the work of leaders in bioscience business, research and government organizations in PEI, providing strategy, focus, and alignment among the partners. This collaboration has been the driver of bioscience growth to date, and has given the PEI Cluster a reputation nationally and internationally.

In 2008, the Province of Prince Edward Island released the Island Prosperity Strategy, a $200 million, five-year investment strategy focused on investments in three key areas: PEOPLE, INNOVATION and economic INFRASTRUCTURE. One of the goals was to boost annual bioscience sales, increase full-time equivalent employment, and ensure the province is recognized as a national centre of excellence for bioactive-based health and nutrition product development.

All of these efforts have paid off, bringing more companies, world-class researchers and key infrastructure to the province. Some recent gains we have seen:
  • The number of bioscience companies operating in PEI has more than tripled since 2005
  • Annual R & D expenditures and product development have doubled since 2004
  • More than 40 Companies with sales of over $150 million/year
  • Over 1350 employees currently working in the sector
  • 8 research organizations on PEI with over 150 PhD’s
The BioAlliance is currently working on a new multi-year strategy, identifying a number of agressive growth targets to achieve by 2020:
  • An increase in the number of companies to 80
  • An increase in private sector revenue to $400 million per year
  • An increase in private sector employment to 2,000 per year

Prince Edward Island is developing and commercializing an industry with roots to our past and exciting potential for future generations.  Our traditions are steeped in agriculture and fisheries, and innovation is nothing new for Prince Edward Island. Building from our natural resources and creating a critical mass, we are building new knowledge and new economic opportunities for Islanders and visitors alike.