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New Somru BioScience-Radiant Pharmaceuticals joint venture drives PEI export sales
Friday, August 25, 2017

Rafiq Islam, Chief Scientific Officer, Somru BioScience, Dr. Sohrab Alom, lab technician at Radiant Pharmaceuticals (Bangladesh), Abu Shahriar Zahedee, Executive Director of Radiant Pharmaceuticals, Dihan Ahsan, Director of Corporate Services at Somru, Honourable Heath MacDonald, PEI Minister of Economic Development & Tourism, Mohammed Moin, Vice Presdient of Somru BioScience, and Rory Francis, Executive Director, PEI BioAlliance gather in Charlottetown, following the signing and announcement of a joint venture agreement between Somru BioScience and Radiant Pharmaecuticals (Bangledash).
PEI’s Somru BioScience has teamed up with Radiant Pharmaceuticals, a Bangladeshi pharmaceutical powerhouse, in a joint venture that will greatly improve the tools available in Bangladesh for early diagnosis of diseases like diabetes and cancer. The joint venture, expected to create $50 million in export sales over the next five years and add 100 new employees to Somru’s PEI operation, was announced today in Charlottetown by Mohammed Moin, Vice President of Somru, and Abu Shahriar Zahedee, Executive Director of Radiant.  Read more here.

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