In Prince Edward Island our products build on our core proficiencies. Historically, PEI has been committed to producing healthy, nurturing products from the land and sea. The focus of our bioscience cluster includes:
  • Technologies and products related to bioactive compounds and their application to human, animal, and fish health and nutrition.
  • Bioproducts – converting biomass to value-added products related to energy, materials, non-food  crops, and products for environmental remediation.
Products being produced by PEI companies include the world’s first commercial DNA vaccine from Novartis, and a carotenoid-based chewable immune-booster tablet for dogs from Avivagen Animal Health, to new products from specific extraction of the ginsenosides from ginseng used for the protection of early stage Parkinson's disease being developed by PEI's, Neurodyn Inc.
BioVectra, with two facilities in Charlottetown, has a proven track record in producing raw materials and active ingredients for the world’s pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry leaders. BioVectra estimates that their products serve into well over 30 commercial drug processes on the global market today.