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Eye on the Future

December 2013

In this feature article from The Guardian Newspaper, Margaret Magner shares some insight into India – based company OminActive Health Technologies Ltd. and why they set up their North American Centre of
R & D in Charlottetown, PEI.

Human Resources in the Bio-Economy

The Guardian Newspaper – November 9, 2013

Access to talented, highly skilled people continues to be a key enabler of the Canadian bio-economy according to BioTalent Canada’s recently released labour market report on the biotechnology industry.
A follow-up to its 2008 study, “Sequencing the Data”, assesses current trends and challenges related to human resources planning and skills development. PEI Writer, Margaret Magner explores the challenges and how the Prince Edward Island Bioscience Cluster fares in relation to the rest of the country.

Staying on the fast track

Progress Magazine – November 2013

Fall weather is here, which means cold-and-flu season is upon us. For Charlottetown’s Island Abbey Foods Ltd., that means a busier production line. First, the company will need to roll out another large shipment of its new line of branded Honibe Honey Lozenges to retailers across Europe. Employees will also be busy filling orders for the company’s newest client, Safeway Inc., the second-largest supermarket chain in Canada. In this article, the writer explores PEI bioscience companies and how they are managing growth and balance with sound partnership strategies and a collaborative vision.

Harvesting Hope From the Sea

The Guardian Newspaper – March 2013

Russell Kerr is passionate about the Canadian Arctic. When he relocated from Florida Atlantic University to the University of Prince Edward Island, it was only natural his research would be associated with the warm waters of the Bahamas and the Florida Keys. But his appointment to UPEI’s prestigious Canada Research Chair in Marine Natural Products expanded his focus to Newfoundland; the Bay of Fundy; and Iqaluit, Nunavut. In the process, he launched Nautilus Biosciences Canada Inc. in Charlottetown to develop marine natural products for human and animal health and wellness.

Reinventing Opportunity

The Guardian Newspaper – February 2013

How one of PEI’s flagship biotechnology companies prospered despite increasing international competition by other biochemical manufacturers, by responding to the changing marketplace with innovative risk taking and business models.

Steps in the Right Direction

The Guardian Newspaper -January 2013

At the Historic Bonded Warehouse on the Charlottetown waterfront, once a repository for thousands of gallons of bootlegged rum from the infamous schooner Nellie J. Banks, new history is being made — the launch of a revolutionary gait analysis system with the potential to transform how athletes are trained, dementia patients monitored, and high security areas regulated.

A Powerhouse in Global Innovation

The Guardian Newspaper -January 2013

Driving past the craft shops and inns of picturesque Victoria by the Sea, most visitors are intent on handmade chocolates or a special meal. Many would be surprised to discover the sizeable building on the community’s outskirts houses a highly specialized Centre for Aqua Research and Development for Novartis Animal Health (NAH) – one of its five R&D centres worldwide. NAH is a subsidiary of Swiss-based pharmaceutical giant Novartis International with 127,000 employees and operations in some 140 countries globally.

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