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PEI Firm Gains Traction with Drug

Halifax Herald, December 18, 2014

Neurodyn and its Alzheimer’s drug candidate, from Entrevestor in Halifax’s Chronical Herald.


Charlottetown-based Bioscience Firm Finds its Niche

The Guardian Newspaper – December 2014

PEI’s Somru BioScience Inc. is dedicated to making cutting-edge human therapeutics accessible to the general public. In this article, Margaret Magner looks at how two brothers vowed to succeed in drug development after their father died of esophageal cancer without access to groundbreaking medication.

Treating Water off the Grid

The Guardian Newspaper – November 2014

Wastewater treatment is a critical challenge for communities around the world and new Environment Canada wastewater effluent regulations in 2020 will require additional upgrades and resources, some in remote locations without the capacity for expensive infrastructure. Freelance writer Margaret Magner takes a look at
a new PEI company that has launched a revolutionary solution to this dilemma with the world’s first self-powered wastewater treatment system designed to operate off the electrical grid.

Bioscience Program Produces Jobs

The Guardian Newspaper – October 4, 2014

How the Bioscience Technology Program at Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI is giving students a unique competitive advantage into the biotechnology job market.

Alternative Energy from Ancient Sources

The Guardian Newspaper – June 2014

In this article, author Margaret Magner takes a look at the breakthrough technologies and ingredients being produced from algae at Solarvest Inc. in Summerville, Prince Edward Island.

Beauty From the Inside Out

The Guardian Newspaper -January 2014

A look at BioSpa Cosmeceuticals Inc. – PEI skincare company sourcing naturally sourced bioactive compounds for products.

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