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Canadian Alliance for Skills & Training in life sciences (CASTL)

The Canadian Alliance for Skills and Training in Life Sciences (CASTL) is a first-of-its-kind partnership between academia, industry, and government to address the future skills needs of the Canadian life sciences sector.

Led by the PEI BioAlliance, along with partners Acadia University, Holland College, Université de Moncton, University of Prince Edward Island, BioTalent Canada, the National Research Council, and numerous industry partners, CASTL delivers on the economic and sectoral demand for individuals who are work-ready to enter, thrive and meet the needs of the Canadian bioscience industry, a key pillar of our economy.

CASTL offers multiple applied learning streams and pathways for individuals to acquire the academic knowledge, and technical and professional skills to have a successful career in life sciences. No matter who you are, CASTL offers you a place to kickstart or grow a career in life sciences, through specialized training.  

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Kickstart a career in life sciences

Life Sciences continues to be an area of high-demand, from COVID 19 vaccines and diagnostics, to understanding climate change and feeding the world sustainably. CASTL combines life sciences academic theory with hands-on skills development to build capacity for real-world performance. Through industry-supported Workplace Integrated Learning (WIL) placements, learners will be prepared to grow a career in the bioscience sector, with a competitive edge


pipeline of talent for industry

CASTL will infuse the life sciences industry with top talent that will meet the skills demand of the highly-valued sector and fuel the sustainable growth of bioscience research, development and manufacturing, in turn attracting new businesses and investment capital to Canada.  

CASTL provides life sciences employers with a pipeline of highly-skilled and qualified employees, as well as tailored life sciences professional development opportunities to upskill your workforce to address your company’s future needs, enhancing attraction, retention and productivity. By collaborating on WIL+ placements, CASTL also offers employers an early opportunity to identify potential new hires. 


WIL Opportunities

Work Integrated Learning is the process through which students come to learn from experiences in educational and practice settings. CASTL offers an enhanced experience where the skills that are offered are then measured against defined learning outcomes to ensure a successful placement. 


Contact the CASTL team

Christopher Gillis
Executive Director

Wendy McIsaac
Program Director

Mitchell Clark
Work Integrated Learning Manager

Dr. Michael Jones
Program Analyst

Ellen Ross
Project Assistant

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