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Company Profiles

From multi-national corporations to SME’s, the PEI Bioscience Cluster boasts a diverse and dedicated workforce of local, national, and internationally-educated professionals who have chosen to work here. The number of bioscience-based companies has more than tripled in Prince Edward Island since 2008, with significant growth in business, revenues, employment, infrastructure, and investments. Most companies are located in the capital city of Charlottetown – the geographic hub of the PEI Bioscience Cluster. 



ADDiCAN is a feed additive company that provides solutions to select commercial poultry and cattle markets. ADDICAN is committed to supporting the animal feed market with the highest quality nutrition products that ensure growth enhancement, maximized production, maximized food utilization and a selective protection against pathogens which will aid in maximizing profit for its clients.

Advanced Extraction Technologies

Advanced Extraction Systems Inc. (AESI) designs, engineers and fabricates manual and fully automated supercritical fluid botanical CO2 extraction systems for the medical marijuana and hemp industries in North America. AESI has an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Diversified Metal Engineering Ltd. (DME) an innovative engineering and manufacturing company located in Prince Edward Island, Canada with over 25 years of manufacturing experience to build the systems in their state of the art CRN, ASME and ISO accredited facility.

Affinity Immuno

AffinityImmuno provides high quality R & D support services for Biological drug discovery – specializing in antibodies, antibody lead discovery, protein engineering, and assay development for novel targets for cancer, autoimmunity and endocrine disorders.

AlphaCognition Inc.

AlphaCognition, Inc. is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel therapies to treat diseases of the brain and spinal cord. They embarked on research programs to find alternative ways of treating Alzheimer’s disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig’s Disease. To date, both are very serious conditions that have major unmet medical needs. Formerly known as Neurodyn Inc.

AMAR Seafood PEI

AMAR Seafoods Ltd., headquartered in Norway with operations in Quebec and Newfoundland, has acquired the assets of the former Halibut PEI in Victoria, PEI.  The new company is called AMAR Seafood PEI.  At Amar Seafood, they want to contribute to developing successful food production with a sustainable focus – both in terms of diet and environment. Their aim is to contribute to sustainable business and industry growth through research and development partnerships, prioritizing fish welfare and growth, as well as contribute to a more sustainable seafood production that benefits future generations.

Aqua Bounty Canada

AquaBounty is a leader in aquaculture, using new technology in new ways to deliver game changing solutions to global problems. We feed the world and strengthen our communities while caring for our people, our environment, and our fish.

Ark Bio-Medical Canada Corp.

Ark BioMedical manufactures and sells microwave plasma defrosters for FFP. This technology offers many advantages over the traditional method of thawing blood, including:  Decreased potential for microbial contamination, decreased plasma wastage, reducing the time plasma takes to thaw, reducing shock value during transfusion, and it is only one of its kind in the world that monitors the temperature of plasma during thawing.

Atlantech® Companies

Atlantech® Companies and its professional team of engineers, biologists and manufacturers are dedicated to supplying top quality engineering, design and project management services, specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of the aquaculture, fish and food processing industries. They design and manufacture water recirculation and effluent treatment systems.

Atlantic Agritech Inc

Atlantic AgriTech Inc. is an agricultural and environmental research and consulting company located in Prince Edward Island, providing contract agricultural and environmental research services to clients from across North America since 1991. Facilities include a GLP compliant office and field/laboratory space, as well as a complete line of farm and research equipment suitable for conducting a wide range of agricultural and environmental research studies.

Au Naturel Solutions

Au Naturel Solutions Inc. is the first company to introduce a patented, all-natural handcrafted breast prosthesis to the marketplace, filling a need for those who are looking for a natural alternative. They are a small, fast-growing company located in Montague, PEI. They value comfort, confidence, wellness, and empowerment for their clients and employees.

Auxly Charlottetown

Auxly Charlottetown is a world-class developer of innovative cannabis products for the wellness-focused consumer, wholly owned by Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. Proudly processed at our 52,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Auxly Charlottetown’s products are developed and manufactured on-site by a world-class team of scientists and experts, ensuring high-quality, precision and consistency. Auxly’s wellness products, available at licensed cannabis retailers across Canada, consist of non-GMO capsules and oils. Built on the pillars of quality, safety and efficacy,
Auxly is cannabis – down to a science.

Avivagen Inc.

Avivagen is developing and commercializing products that promote health in animals and humans. The Corporation’s unique OxC-beta™ technology is a proprietary, first-in-class source of B-carotene-oxygen copolymer compounds that confer a variety of non-vitamin A health benefits. These benefits have wide, global utility, including replacement of antibiotics in livestock feeds, as well as for food-production conditions where antibiotics cannot be used, and supporting good health in companion animals. Commercial OxBC formulations include OxC-beta™ Livestock premix for livestock feeds and Vivamune™ Health Chews supplements for companion animals.


Bactana is a Connecticut based start-up, developing a nutritional product platform designed to improve microbiome health in livestock and other animals.  Bactana’s microbiome discovery platform enables development of products and therapeutics through the use of recent advances in molecular and DNA sequencing methods used to study microbial ecology. This platform allows Bactana to concentrate its product development on the interaction of an animal’s microbiome with its immune system & metabolism (immunometabolism) at an accelerated pace. Bactana’s initial focus is on its patented FPS-4™ product line which is supported by multiple calf trials that have demonstrated scours reduction, increased milk production, reduced mortality, improved feed efficiency, and growth.

Bait Masters Inc.

Bait Masters provides traditional and alternative bait options to fishers in the lobster and crab fishing industry. Based in PEI, Bait Masters tackles the real issues facing the industry: the shortages of bait, cost fluctuation, amount of annual waste due to spoilage, and messy preparation of fresh bait


BioSpa (Quann) Cosmeceuticals Inc. is a PEI company that manufactures and distributes a novel professional skincare line – Quannessence Skincare – botanical based technologies that improve skin conditions and assist in reducing the effects of aging. Several of the ingredients used in the products are derived from PEI based extracts and technologies.


BioTraceIT™ values the capacity to improve medical care and interventions by quantifying pain ultimately impacting quality of life and wellness. BioTraceIT™ focuses on novel technologies at the cutting edge of wearable health care. We deem new solutions as paramount to new paradigms. By measuring pain, we quantify wellness.


BioVectra Inc. is a leading bioscience business located in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, focused on contract manufacturing and product development of active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, and bio-reagents. BioVectra is an industry leader in microbial fermentation, with 64,000 L of fermentation capacity.

BLES Biochemicals

BLES Biochemicals Inc., is the market leader for pulmonary surfactant in Canada, and manufactures and distributes BLES® (bovine lipid extract surfactant). BLES® is a pulmonary surfactant for use in the treatment of premature infants suffering from Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome. BLES® is unique; there is no generic form of this product. BLES Biochemicals Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian-controlled pharmaceutical company.

Canadian Alliance for Skills & Training in Life Sciences

The Canadian Alliance for Skills and Training in Life Sciences (CASTL) provides world-class technical skills development and training in life sciences specializing in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. A national initiative of the Prince Edward Island BioAlliance, CASTL is a unique partnership between academia, industry, and government to address the future skills needs of Canada’s fast-growing bioscience sector.

Chinova Bioworks

Chinova Bioworks is an innovative food-technology company that specializes in natural mushroom derived chitosan. We make new functional ingredients for the food and beverage industry that help our clients meet major consumer trends for clean label and healthy preservation. 


CNS CRO (Contract Research Corporation) is a private, pre-clinical neurological disease specialty laboratory, offering a range of proprietary cell-based and animal models for pre-clinical evaluation of test compounds for neurodegenerative disease. CNS CRO also has extensive expertise in behavioural and cognitive assessment.

Direct NutriSciences

Direct NutriSciences is a full service healthcare company based in Canada that offers complete marketplace solutions for pharmaceutical grade OTC and nutraceutical products. We have developed a reputation for producing the gold standard in product efficacy, manufacturing excellence and delivering the best value equation for our customers.

DME Process Systems

DME Process Systems Ltd.’s main brewery equipment brands DME Brewing Solutions and NSI are two of the most recognizable in the industry, and DME also holds a long history of custom design and fabrication of equipment for other industries such as BioTech, BioEnergy Industrial Food & Beverage, Water Treatment, Decor and Marine Applications. Located in Charlottetown, the manufacturing facility consists of 30,000 square feet of production area, with the latest technology applied throughout engineering, operations and fabrications. Integrated process systems are designed, fabricated, pre-piped, wired and tested on-site.


Elanco Canada Limited is a global company focused on food animal and companion animal health. Here on PEI, they are Elanco’s aqua health division. At their manufacturing and quality facility in Charlottetown, they produce fish vaccines that are shipped worldwide.


EVAH Corp is a proud Canadian biotechnology company based in Quebec that is focused on developing animal health technologies. EVAH aims at developing promising technologies for sustainable food production, with a focus on production animal vaccines and alternatives to antibiotics.

EVAH’s platform develops the animal health technologies the planet needs. These will help build the resilience of the Canadian and global food supply chain and contribute to Canada’s climate change and human health goals.


EverseaTM Inc. is an algae technology company and a world leader in research and development of natural micro algae strains for high value markets. The company has expertise in the latest algae-based biological technologies that are directed to develop and commercialize unique and proprietary technologies such as clean energy.


Fieldetech’s technology features a FieldLAMP, an ‘in-the-field’ agricultural and environmental pathogen detection technology, eliminating the need for laboratory analysis, sample tracking and shipment, molecular biology experience, or handling by laboratory technicians.  DNA detection is done at the point of sample collection… wherever that might be.  Their technology promises lab quality results from the cab of a pickup truck.


FIGR is PEI’s only licensed cannabis producer located in the Charlottetown BioCommons Research Park. FIGR produces, processes and distributes cannabis-based products for the adult-recreational and medicinal cannabis markets. The facility is comprised of over 300,000 square feet with two floors dedicated to growing and processing recreational and medical cannabis.

GRW Laboratories

GRW Laboratories Incorporated is a pharmaceutical research organization that specializes in the PEGylation of small molecules for medicinal development. GRW is developing proprietary small molecule drugs and also works with pharmaceutical organizations to develop second generation small molecule drugs with improved pharmacokinetics.

Handyman Labs

Incorporated in 2015, Handyman Labs is the creator of VinylBoost, a DIY product that restores faded vinyl siding back to its original appearance.

Harvest One

Harvest One is a global cannabis company that develops and provides innovative lifestyle and wellness products to consumers and patients in regulated markets around the world. The Company’s range of lifestyle solutions is designed to enhance quality of life. Shareholders have significant exposure to the entire cannabis value chain through four wholly-owned subsidiaries: United Greeneries, a Licensed Producer; Satipharm (medical and nutraceutical); Delivra’s LivRelief™ and Dream Water (consumer).


HZPC is a specialist in breeding, growing and marketing of seed potatoes, with a comprehensive range of new varieties available that meet requirements of modern lifestyles. The Company has undertaken an extensive program of variety trialing and introduction in most potato production regions of North America. HZPC Americas Corp. has a tissue culture laboraty for in-vitro plant propagation which forms the basis for seed potatoes grown by the best Canadian producers.

Island Abbey Foods Ltd.

Island Abbey Foods is an Island-based company that produces 100% pure honey-based products, such as the Honey Drop and Honey Delights. The Honey Drop is the world’s first pure, non-sticky honey that you can hold. It is also 100% all natural honey without any additives. The honibe® line of all natural honey products provide real health benefits using honibe® Technology. Under their honibe® platform, they offer innovative cough and cold products such as honibe® honey lozenges™ and a line of gummy multivitamins.

Island Water Technologies

Island Water Technologies (IWT) is a PEI (Canada) based company specializing in modular, renewably powered wastewater treatment. IWT aims to leave the smallest environmental impact as possible on the wastewater treatment process. The company brings together a unique partnership of world leading expertise in microbiology, environmental engineering, power management, controls, automation and manufacturing.


MicroSintesis is a new life sciences company focused on creating novel anti-infectives. By harnessing the natural defense mechanisms of probiotics, MicroSintesis is on the forefront of developing biotechnologies that fight antibiotic resistant bacteria and reduce the virulence of pathogens.

Nature’s Crops International

NCI is a premier supplier of organic, non-GM, and expeller pressed oils (Natures Crops Specialty Oils). They manage the supply chain of high value non-commodity products derived from specialty grown crops for a range of industries, including functional food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and specialty channels.

Nautilus Biosciences Croda

Nautilus Biosciences Croda is a technology-rich marine biotechnology company based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Founded in 2007 by Professor Russell Kerr, they focus on using marine microbial biodiversity to discover novel actives and materials. Croda International Plc, who creates, makes and sells speciality chemicals for some of the biggest, most successful brands in the world, recently acquired Nautilus – having worked closely together for the past six years developing specific applications for skin care and hair care, as well as crop care – Croda recently established Nautilus as the Croda Centre of Innovation for Marine Biotechnology at Nautilus’ existing base at the University of Prince Edward Island. Nautilus has exclusive global access to the Marine Microbial Library which is based at the University of Prince Edward Island.

North Atlantic Organics Ltd (NAO)

North Atlantic Organics Ltd (NAO) is a producer and distributor of organic sea plant (seaweed) products that serve as mineral supplements to animals and plants. By using traditional methods of hand and horse raking seaweeds from the shores of PEI, as well as solar drying, fossil fuels are not burned and the quality of the product is preserved. The company is currently in the process of developing natural plant enhancement supplements that can be used as fertilizer for crops such as potatoes, cranberries, strawberries, soybeans and more.


Nutracelle is an innovative company focused on creating high-quality protein nutritional supplements for the health and wellness market in North America. The product was launched in 2016, and since that time, gross sales have reached well over $1.5 million. It took CEO, Melanie Wildman three years to develop a gluten-free and nut-free product that included prebiotic fibre to meet the nutritional needs of people who were trying to lose weight or maintain their weight loss. As a PEI BioAlliance Emergence client, Nutracelle has worked with BIO|FOOD|TECH and Canada’s Smartest Kitchen to develop additional natural and healthy products, including protein bars, smoothies, and baking mixes made in PEI.


Pegasus Biotech Inc.

Pegasus Biotech Inc. is an agile biotech company focused in providing high quality vaccine (DNA, autogenous, rProtein, VLPs) development services to the human and animal health sectors as well as developing accurate and reliable analytical testing methods for the human and animal health industry. Our areas of expertise include cell culture/fermentation and purification process development, analytical assay development, veterinary biologic product development and regulatory submission (EMA, CFIA, FDA, USDA), point-of-care and clinical diagnostic instrument and assay development, GLP/GMP lab quality standards and HSE.

PEI Potato Quality Institute

The PEI Potato Quality Institute is a not-for-profit organization consisting primarily of potato producers to provide testing, research and other related services in a timely and cost effective manner to potato growers. The Potato Quality Institute is the only lab on PEI accredited by CFIA and is one of five accredited in Canada.

Protein Industries Canada

Canada’s agrifood sector is thriving, and home to trailblazing companies who are leading innovative projects that will change the global food landscape.

Red Earth Cannabis

Red Earth Cannabis specializes in extraction and outdoor cultivation for cannabis and hemp ingredients with a strong focus on CBD production. We provide genetics to our local farming partners, work with them through the cultivation process, then take the product for extraction. Their retail line for CBD will be oils and capsules.


Remidose Aerosols Inc is federally licensed cannabis processing company located in Stratford, PEI that manufactures rapid acting, accurately dosed cannabis devices. Remidose recently completed its manufacturing facility and is expanding into the Canadian recreational and medical cannabis markets.

RPS Biologiques

RPS Biologiques provides new and original biotech products with proven market potential for aquatic, animal and human health. RPS targets critical problems in disease prevention and control with innovative natural products, vaccines and drugs using cutting edge technology. Supratect™, a 100% natural fish health product, was the first Low-Risk Veterinary Health Product notified by Health Canada for use in aquatic species, followed recently by approval of Puralyze™. RPS supplies these natural products to commercial fish farms around the world for production of sustainable seafood, and to ornamental fish hobbyists for maintaining optimal health of their fish.

Sekisui Diagnostics PEI Inc.

Sekisui Diagnostics P.E.I. Inc. is a global leading manufacturer and developer of in-vitro diagnostics products, focused on bringing general and specialty clinical chemistry reagents to diagnostics manufacturers and clinical laboratories worldwide. Based in Japan, the company purchased an existing bioscience company in Charlottetown which each year, produces 1.5 billion clinical chemistry tests in P.E.I. that are then shipped around the world. Sekisui was named one of Canada’s top 100 Employers in 2018.

Sevita International

Sevita International is a leading contractor and supplier of soybeans to the soy-food industry around the world. Their business encompasses the research, production, growing, contracting, processing and export of grains and oilseeds.

Simini Technologies Inc.

Simini Technologies Inc. is a specialized pharmaceutical company that licenses veterinary rights to human health drug candidates to develop those products for animal applications. The focus of the business is to advance therapies for companion animals (dogs, cats and horses).  Seven years of unprecedented investment and innovation in human health has created a field of new opportunities to identify potential drug candidates for animal health. Simini Technologies’ drug candidates will address chronic diseases associated with high prevalence, initially dermatology and pain management expanding to dry eye syndrome and muscular/bone atrophy.

Somru BioScience Inc.

Somru BioScience Inc. is an emerging biotechnology company dedicated to developing breakthrough antibody technology for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The company currently uses antibodies to generate reagents that will accelerate biosimilar research and development.

Stepscan Technologies

Stepscan Technologies Inc. is a Prince Edward Island-based technology company dedicated to improving lives with their patented Stepscan® Gait Analysis flooring system. This medical-grade equipment combines pressure sensitive electronic floor tiles and footprint tracking software that can be used to assess and rehabilitate patients with mobility impairing conditions. The technology’s capabilities also have exciting potential in the fields of health research, sports performance, military training, and biometric security.

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies is a contract research organization (CRO) providing support for R&D and commercialization activities in the aquaculture industry, with particular expertise in GxP-compliant research.

Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc.

Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc., part of the Timeless group of companies, is a specialized tech company based in Charlottetown, PEI, with a focus on creating innovative web-based technologies for today’s veterinarian. Timeless has been developing HL7 / HIPAA compliant medical technologies for over 20 years and has been collaborating with veterinary academics and researchers since 2007 to port its medical technologies into veterinary medicine which started in Laboratory: creating VLA’s web based worldwide Quality System. Today our core expertise focuses in web / cloud-based management systems for referral practices, telemedicine and mobile specialists including Diagnostic Imaging (PACS & RIS), Radiology, Cardiology, Pathology, Dentistry, Nutrition, Laboratory, and others. Timeless also develops evidence-based applications for diagnosis and treatment in web, iOS and Android applications. The Timeless portfolio of products includes the Timeless Veterinary Telemedicine System, Timeless Veterinary Cloud PACS, Vet Drug Index and VPR Cloud drug reference applications.


VetNOW enhances the global veterinary standard of care by creating access to personalized treatment at a reduced cost via a virtual care continuum and continuing to advance the veterinary profession through continued education, training, and discovery.

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