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5 reasons to pursue a career in the bioscience sector

The bioscience sector in Prince Edward Island is a growing industry, with unlimited opportunity. Here are five compelling reasons why individuals may wish to discover a new and rewarding career in bioscience.

1. Diversity of roles and positions

Jobs in the bioscience sector can range from research scientists, lab technicians, quality control managers and chemical process engineers, to maintenance and production technicians, or even business administration roles including accounting, marketing, human resources, and sales. The sky is the limit.

2. Size of the industry and opportunities for advancement

The PEI bioscience sector is a high-value industry employing more than 2,200 highly skilled and well-paid workers. Including more than 60 companies, the PEI Bioscience Cluster has surpassed 2025 growth targets and is well on its way to becoming a billion-dollar industry by 2030. There are significant opportunities for high-performing individuals looking to learn and improve their skills and grow their careers. Additionally, the average employment income across all workers in the bioscience cluster is 44% higher than the average for all workers on the Island.

3. Impact of bioscience in solving global challenges

From vaccines and drugs to fight disease, to sustainable food production and climate change mitigation, biotechnology holds solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our time and Prince Edward Island is making its mark. Join the bioscience sector and contribute to an industry that is making a real societal impact and transforming our world, fostering healthier lives, food security and environmentally sustainable practices.

4. Living in PEI

For those considering relocating to PEI, or for those looking for reasons to stay, the Island has a number of attractive benefits. More and more multinational and emerging companies have chosen to locate in PEI and a key factor in that decision is the value of the location and lifestyle that the Island offers.

PEI is celebrated for its relaxed atmosphere and a slower pace than you’ll find in many larger centres. Set against pastural countryside and some of the world’s best beaches, PEI is also a hub of culture, alive with music, storytelling and art, and is also Canada’s Food Island. Despite our more casual pace, or perhaps because of it, business thrives in PEI, with the added bonus of not having to spend a few hours on the freeway to get to work. When you’re a part of the PEI bioscience cluster, your business and research resources are rarely more than 10 minutes away.

5. Hiring network

Updated as positions become available, the PEI BioAlliance website has a job postings page which consolidates all open positions across the cluster, including direct links to apply. The website also provides links to learn more about the companies that are hiring. If you’d prefer to receive real-time alerts directly in your inbox, there is an option to sign up for email notifications, where you’ll receive ongoing updates on the latest opportunities in bioscience. You can also email your resume to

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