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5 ways to find a job in bioscience

Looking to find a job in bioscience? There are a number of avenues through the PEI BioAlliance to stay up to date on the latest opportunities and also get connected with the right people.

Jobs in the bioscience sector can range from research scientists, lab technicians, quality control managers and chemical process engineers, to maintenance and production technicians, or even business administration roles including accounting, marketing, HR, and sales.

Here are five ways to support your pursuit in finding a job in the growing bioscience sector:

1. Send in your resume

The PEI BioAlliance keeps an online resume library which is shared with hiring managers in the PEI bioscience cluster. If you are currently seeking employment, upon graduation, or for the summer months, send your resume to Resume should be in PDF format with the file name “Resume – Your Name – Education/Credentials” and the email subject line “Add my resume to the 2021 PEI Bioscience Cluster Library.”

2. Check out the job board

Updated as positions become available, the PEI BioAlliance website has a job postings page which consolidates all open positions across the cluster, including direct links to apply. The website also provides links to learn more about the companies that are hiring.

3. Sign up for email alerts

If you’d prefer to receive real-time alerts directly in your inbox, sign up for our email notifications, where you’ll receive ongoing updates on the latest opportunities in bioscience. Sign up today by filling out our form.

 4. Follow us on LinkedIn for our weekly job round-up

At the end of every week on the PEI BioAlliance LinkedIn, we post a summary of all of the new jobs that were made available the week prior. Follow us on LinkedIn, for these updates as well as all of the latest local news in the sector.

 5. Stay up to date on the latest news and company expansions

One way to increase your likelihood of getting a job in the sector is to learn about all of the latest news and company expansions. Follow the PEI BioAlliance on Twitter and read the Latest News section on our PEI BioAlliance website to stay up to speed on all news, events and networking opportunities.

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