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Au Naturel Solutions transforms lives as trailblazing social enterprise

Revolutionary all-natural breast prosthesis Comfort ‘n’ Confidence improving quality of life for breast cancer survivors

Au Naturel Solutions is partnering with organizations across North America to transform lives by providing access to an all-natural breast prosthesis. Comfort ‘n’ Confidence is Au Naturel Solution’s silicone-free breast prosthesis, crafted from all-natural materials, offering a remarkable, comfortable, and safer solution for individuals who have undergone mastectomies or breast-related surgeries. Au Naturel Solutions is a client of Emergence Bioscience Incubator and a member of the bioscience sector community.

Driven by a strong sense of social responsibility, Au Naturel Solutions is supporting the Cancer de Mama clinic, extending its impact to breast cancer survivors in La Penita, Mexico, who have had mastectomies as a treatment for breast cancer. Au Naturel Solutions plans to donate prostheses to the 2024 campaign and has created a Go Fund Me to raise contributions in support of these efforts.

Simonne Cormier, CEO and Founder of Au Naturel Solutions says that Cancer de Mama’s mission of “helping women in Mexico survive breast cancer with comfort and dignity” aligns very well with her own mission and why she began this journey.

“Our goal is to send 100 or more Comfort ‘n’ Confidence all-natural breast prostheses to Mexico to support this initiative,” said Cormier. “We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of these women and look forward to contributing a more comfortable and safer prosthesis, one that is lightweight, breathable, hypo-allergenic and easy to care for.”

Based in Prince Edward Island, Au Naturel Solutions has made significant strides in the last year in the development of the Comfort ‘n’ Confidence breast prosthesis. With 80% of breast cancer diagnosis being hormone receptor-positive with sensitivity to estrogen stimulants, external breast prosthesis made of all-natural, plant and animal-based materials show promise as a healthy alternative and closer to the body’s own physiology, eliminating risk otherwise experienced with silicone-based prosthesis.

“It was important for me to ensure that the prosthesis closely emulated the natural feel and density of the breast,” said Cormier. “Because our prostheses are made of all-natural materials, it also addresses concerns associated with long-term exposure to silicone, including the possibility of endocrine disruption, skin irritation, and even relapse.”

Au Naturel Solutions is also proud to partner with the Canadian Cancer Society, donating 5% of their profits to CCS contributing to their ongoing investment into world-leading research and the delivery of compassionate support programs for people diagnosed with the disease, their families, and caregivers.

The Comfort ‘n’ Confidence prosthesis is available to purchase through the Au Naturel Solutions website and at select retail partners including Murphy’s Pharmacies, select Jean-Coutu Pharmacies in Quebec and Eastern Ontario and New Brunswick. The prostheses will also soon be available at 11 Lawtons Home HealthCare locations across Atlantic Canada, with plans for expansion in 2024 through other distribution channels across Canada and into the United States.

Collaboration remains at the heart of Au Naturel Solutions’ journey. By continuing to partner with medical professionals, prosthetists, and users, they are ensuring that the Comfort ‘n’ Confidence prosthesis delivers patient satisfaction by empowering the wearer to adjust the fit according to their own need.

“Together we aim to embrace the future with comfort and confidence,” said Cormier.

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