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BioTalent Canada releases new National Compensation Guide 2023-24

Republished from BioTalent Canada:

With the release of their National Compensation Guide, BioTalent Canada is helping health and biosciences employers develop a robust talent management strategy to improve their recruitment and retention capabilities.

The national compensation guide includes:

“Compensation benchmarking is an essential piece of any organization’s talent strategy,” says Rob Henderson, President and CEO of BioTalent Canada. “Regardless of size, organizations that put time and energy into attracting and retaining the best and brightest the industry has to offer will stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Our National Compensation Guide is a vital piece of that puzzle.”

As the voice for talent development in Canada’s bio-economy, BioTalent Canada supports small and medium-sized organizations with tools and strategies to attract, train, and retain talent in a sector that is critical to the Canadian economy.

“BioTalent Canada will continue to work with the industry and their stakeholders to provide employers with products and services to help them grow,” says Henderson.

Partner organizations of BioTalent Canada in the National Compensation Guide include BioAlberta, Bioscience Association Manitoba, Life Sciences Ontario, BIOQuébec, Research NB, Life Sciences Nova Scotia, PEI BioAlliance, and, MMGI.

To order your copy of the National Compensation Guide, visit

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