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Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announces $6M Sustainable Protein for Aquaculture Project

Republished from Canada’s Ocean Supercluster. Read full story on the OSC website.

On Monday, May 3, 2021 Canada’s Ocean Supercluster announced four new projects with a total value of almost $11 million, including the Sustainable Protein for Aquaculture project. This Nova Scotia-led project will bring together academia, government, and the private sector to develop and commercialize two breakthrough technologies to produce an environmentally sustainable and low-cost protein for the aquaculture industry while reducing oil and gas emissions.

This game-changing project represents significant developments in science and technology and has never been done before. The Sustainable Protein for Aquaculture project will take greenhouse gas emissions from upstream oil and gas and convert them into a high-value protein product to be used to feed farmed fish.

The Sustainable Protein for Aquaculture Project is led by DeNova, in collaboration with the Center for Aquaculture Technologies Canada, Natural Products Canada, Dalhousie University, the National Research Council of Canada, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), and Cooke Aquaculture.

With a total project value of $6 million, the Ocean Supercluster will provide almost $2.6 million with the balance of funding coming from project partners.

The Sustainable Protein for Aquaculture Project will put Atlantic Canada at the forefront of the alternative and sustainable protein sector while reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to sustainable growth of Canada’s ocean economy. This project will create 12 new full-time positions with the potential for more than 150 direct jobs upon commercial success.

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