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EVAH Announces Acquisition and Development Agreements for Four Technologies from Elanco

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EVAH Corp. today announced the signing of four contracts with Elanco Animal Health to acquire and develop technologies in animal health, including the Elanco facility in Prince Edward Island. EVAH is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of biologicals to help prevent bacterial diseases in food animals and microbiome solutions for growth performance.

The four contracts between EVAH and Elanco relate to four products in development (two feed additives and two vaccines) targeting three species: salmon, swine and poultry. EVAH intends to develop the products up to an advanced pre-commercial stage and consult with Elanco throughout the process. Terms of the deal remain confidential but do not involve an equity investment in EVAH from Elanco.

EVAH is focusing on bringing sustainable development of animal health to a new level,” said Michel Fortin, CEO of EVAH. “Leveraging our lab-to-market innovation experience from previous entrepreneurial success, we are now sourcing, acquiring and in-licensing molecules and technologies to develop into valuable products, in order to satisfy major unmet needs in animal health. We proactively sought out Elanco and are very proud to conclude these agreements today.

Elanco’s current collaboration with EVAH originates from the long-standing relationship between the two groups and a belief that we can efficiently work together to drive the development of products to a pre-commercial stage,” said Scott Holmstrom, Vice President, Product Development and Innovation Regulatory. “This is in line with our approach to sustain innovation flow through external partnerships and collaboration and bring our portfolio of products to market,” he added.

EVAH’s management and scientific resources are teaming up again, having previously worked together at Prevtec Microbia. The Company has office and lab facilities in Québec (Montréal, Saint-Hyacinthe and Laval) and Prince Edward Island.

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