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Sales Bootcamp for Startups with Kent Summers

Join seasoned entrepreneur and Emergence Team Mentor Kent Summers for a sales bootcamp, you won’t want to miss. Perfect for startups looking to learn the basics of sales or increase their sales performance, this workshop is held over the course of 5 half-day sessions, in person and online. This workshop is hosted by Emergence, Atlantic Canada’s bioscience business incubator that accelerates the growth of startups and early-stage companies moving from ideation to commercialization.

Session topics include developing an effective sales toolkit, the dos and don’ts of prospecting, end-to-end sales, identifying market segments, direct vs. channel sales, value proposition framing, stakeholder mapping, measuring sales performance, and more!


In Person and Online: May 18-19, 2023
Online: May 23, 25 and 30, 2023
Cost: $200 per company

About Kent Summers
Kent Summers is a seasoned entrepreneur with four successful startups and a 30-year contribution to the Boston entrepreneurship community in operating, volunteer and board roles.

Kent is an Emergence Team Mentor and teaches the B2B Sales for Startups course at MIT and is a regular lecturer at the Harvard Business School.

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