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Soricimed developing innovative targeted cancer treatment

New Brunswick-based Soricimed is a clinical stage company focused on the development and commercialization of first-in-class drugs for the targeted treatment of cancer.

Currently at the clinical stage, Soricimed was established following the discovery of a unique and proprietary family of anti-cancer peptides. They are now working on translating this discovery into novel therapies to deliver powerful treatment options for those living with often devastating conditions.

Professor Jack Stewart, a Founder and CSO of Soricimed, is the discoverer of the paralytic compound in the venom of the northern short-tailed shrew and was the first to purify, characterize and synthesize the material. It was found to be a unique bifunctional peptide (later named Soricidin) with multiple applications including a targeting platform for oncology, a biopesticide, in dermatology and a potential non-opioid pain treatment depending on the segment of peptide deployed.

Currently operating out of Moncton, NB, Soricimed is developing cancer drug candidates, including a clinical stage oncology drug: SOR-C13. This targeted anti-cancer peptide has been granted orphan drug status for the treatment of pancreatic and ovarian cancers by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Soricimed is the latest company to join Emergence, Atlantic Canada’s bioscience business incubator dedicated to assisting start-ups and growth-stage companies in efficiently bringing their products and services to market. Emergence will be helping Soricimed explore other uses of their novel peptides, including determining potential markets and regulatory requirements.

“As an innovative and discovery-based oncology company, we are keen to continue exploring the practical and market applications of our science,” said Robert Bruce, CEO, Soricimed. “We are proud to be a member of the Emergence Incubator and look forward to benefiting from their experience and expertise as we look ahead to an expanded product platform.”

As a client of Emergence, Soricimed will have access to business incubation services including mentorship and advisory services, team mentorship program as well as access to networks and resources.

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