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Work/Life Balance

More and more multinational and emerging companies have chosen to locate in PEI. A key factor in that decision is the value of place and lifestyle that the Island offers. 

Prince Edward Island is celebrated for its relaxed atmosphere and a slower pace than you’ll find in many larger centres. Set against pastural countryside and some of the world’s best beaches, PEI is also a hub of culture, alive with music, stories and art. There’s also a very good reason why are known as Canada's Food Island.

Despite our more casual pace (or perhaps because of it), business thrives in PEI, with the added bonus of not having to spend a few hours on the freeway to get to work. When you’re a part of the PEI bioscience cluster, your business and research resources are rarely more than 10 minutes away.

With the goal of making a better life for his family, Mohammed Moin immigrated to Prince Edward Island on a student visa and built Somru BioScience from the ground up. Moin is a shining example of the ambition and hard work of Island entrepreneurs, and his company is helping grow our bioscience cluster into a viable and successful economic industry.

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